Folded Laundry Refund Policy

At Folded we promise to take care of your clothes like they are our own. 
Our commitment to excellence is fundamental to our success. 
Folded proudly does not outsource our laundry. 
We take personal pride in returning each item crisp, clean and ready to wear. 
If you’re not satisfied with your order, we will re clean it. Free of charge, no questions asked. 
We ask that you report any issues to us within 10 days of delivery. This timeframe helps us track down what went wrong in the process and implement a solution. Please submit any issues to and allow 48 hours for response. All submissions should include photos of the damages and proof of purchase. 
Please note slight shrinkage is a common outcome for many types of fabrics. 
Our standard process is cold water wash and medium heat dry, unless otherwise specified in your preferences. 
Our staff are highly trained and experienced in their field. 
While we are professionally handling your cherished belongings, fundamentals of laundry are still the same. 
If an item would shrink at home, it will shrink with us. 
The same rings true with holes and tears. 
As most fabrics age, they develop tears and holes whether it’s with us or in your home. 
For this reason, shrinkage, holes, and tears are not considered damage from Wash and Fold, and are normal wear and tear. This is not something that we accept liability for.