Frequently Asked Questions About Laundry Services

  • 7 days a week service
  • Quick and convenient
  • Quickest turn around time. We also offer “NEXT DAY SERVICE” service for non-doorman orders!
  • No third parties means high quality laundry and dry cleaning
  • Best priced on demand laundry app
  • Five star customer service
  • Super easy! Download Folded on the Apple App store or the Google Play store
  • Quickly register and set your laundry and dry cleaning preferences
  • You’re all set to place a new order!
  • One of our Folded drivers will be there within the pick up window you selected to pick up your laundry and/or dry cleaning.
  • They will walk you through the process if you don’t understand and answer any questions you may have!

No problem! We provide you with a Folded laundry bag and/or a Folded dry cleaning bag to keep.

  • We are a new start up based out of NYC
  • As we expand to your zip code we will notify you!

Pick up and delivery are available hourly, from 6am - 1am (19 hours/day)

  • Great question! It is very important to us that your laundry comes back just as you want it to!
  • You can set your preferred laundry preferences in the ‘Cleaning Preferences’ section.
  • You have the ability to change your preferences depending on the laundry you need done.
  • No big deal if you forget to change it before we pick it up! You can change your cleaning preferences for your order right up until we throw it in the wash.
  • Click on ‘My orders’ and go to your order that’s in progress. There, you can change the preferences specifically for that order.
  • In the ‘Cleaning preferences’ tab there are two sections; one for laundry and one for dry cleaning where you can add any additional instructions.
  • You can also add special instructions when placing a new order.
  • And just in case you didn’t feel like typing it, you can always tell our Folded driver and he can add them in to your order.
  • Your laundry will always be ready by following morning
  • We offer “NEXT DAY SERVICE” service for non-doorman orders at an extra fee
  • Dry cleaning takes 3-4 days to be complete
  • You will receive a push notification to your smartphone and a e-mail to your registered email address
  • Next step is to log back on and schedule a convenient time for delivery
  • Go to the ‘Addresses’ section to add an address
  • Make sure the address you want serviced is selected
  • Not if you don’t want to be! If you have a doorman just make sure you select ‘Use doorman’ in the “Addresses’ section.
  • If you don’t have a doorman make sure you give us the necessary information to access your building and permission to leave your laundry or dry cleaning at the door.
  • You can add this information as a note when you go to ‘Edit Address’ in the ‘Addresses’ sections.
  • Yes of course! We want laundry day to be as convenient as possible for you!
  • Make sure you select ‘Use doorman’ in the ‘Addresses’ section
  • When placing an order you just have to select what time you will be leaving your laundry with the doorman. We will take care of the rest!
  • Yes you can. We know sometimes the day does not go as planned.
  • Go to ‘My orders’ and select the order you wish to reschedule.
  • Select the ‘Change’ button and switch your delivery/pick up to a more convenient time.
  • With Folded you have the ability to follow your laundry through every step of the process.
  • As soon as your laundry reaches our facilities we put it on the scale. You will see the price reflected when you click on your order in progress.
  • When your dry cleaning bag reaches our facilities we sort through it. We make sure everything is going to be cleaned appropriately and then add each item to your order. You can see the price in your order in progress.
  • You can add your credit card information in the ‘Payments’ section
  • Once you get notified that your laundry is complete, it will automatically request your payment information before you can schedule a delivery.
  • We don’t want you to forget any discount you’re eligible for!
  • You can enter your promo code on the same screen you select your order delivery date and time.
  • Please check our ‘Pricing’ page
  • We offer very competitive prices
  • We do have a minimum charge

In the ‘Preferences’ section at the very bottom you have the option to select the amount you wish to tip our Folded drivers.

  • Absolutely! Our staff is very knowledgeable when it comes to laundry.
  • Please place the items you want us to hang dry in a separate plastic bag inside the Folded laundry bag.
  • $3 flat fee for the first 5 items, $0.35 per item after that.

Unfortunately we do not offer this service at this time.

  • Yes! We offer an eco-friendly laundry detergent; just select it in the ‘Preferences’ section.
  • Due to different skin allergies, our eco-friendly detergent is also unscented.
  • We take missing or damaged items extremely serious.
  • Please view our refund policy for details.
  • E-mail folded@foldedlaundry.com as soon as possible with details and pictures.
  • We treat each case individually. Our support team will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

Unfortunately we currently do not offer this service.